Monday, September 21, 2009

It's wedding season!

Well the past 3 weeks have been as busy as ever. The usual craziness of school, work and life were going on, but I was out of town for the past 2 weekends. Luckily I don't have a major test for another 11 days, so I can catch up on my studying!

Getting out of town was nice though and I had a lot of fun. Last weekend I headed south to D.C. for Rachel's bachelorette party and then this past weekend I headed even farther south to my friend's wedding in central Virginia. The ceremony was beautiful and emotional and the reception was elegant and fun. J and I had a great time and were able to reminisce about wedding over a year ago.

We were invited to another wedding last month, but unfortunately unable to attend because of school and work. However, my best friend gets married next month, so I'll get my wedding fix in for the year.

The reception took place near the water and the sunset was breath taking. The weather turned out to be perfect and was in the mid 70s.

They had a signature drink with delicious champagne.

Ever since we've moved to Philly J has discovered his new favorite beer is Yuengling. He was excited to see that it was offered at the wedding. I stuck with Pinot Grigio and champagne for the night :)

We danced the night away and J even got on the dance floor with me.

For Rachel's bachelorette party we headed to D.C. for the weekend. We had a great time going out in the Dupont Circle area. We did the "typical" bachelorette thing and went out to dinner, got drinks and danced the night away. Last year Rachel was my maid of honor and we had a great time, so I had to return the favor. I didn't make her wear anything too extreme, but she did have a list of tasks to complete throughout the night :) It was fun and everyone made it home safely!

The wedding is in 3 weeks, so I'll be headed back to central Virginia for the weekend to see my best friend get married. I'm so happy for her!

The bridal party and a few other friends were able to join us in D.C. I can't believe I've known both of them for over 10 years. How time flies!

We won't be going anywhere this weekend as I will probably be in the library all weekend, but I hope we can find a couple of hours to do something around the city....

I keep telling myself "Work hard. Play hard"

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