Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Run Forrest, Run!

At the end of the summer I made a wonderful discovery! There is a great running,walking, biking trail that is gorgeous. It's definitely a gem in the city. It runs all along the Schuykill (pronounced schoo-kill) river. J and I had been running in the city, which was somewhat of an annoyance because we would constantly be stopped by lights, traffic or uneven sidewalks.

The trail runs 23 miles from the heart of the city to Montgomery County. J and I haven't made it all the down the trail, but we usually do about 4-5 miles. Hopefully through our busy schedules we'll be able to keep up our running "dates" a few times throughout the month.

There is a great view of the Philadelphia Museum of Art along the trail.

This is the view of boathouse row. It is a beautiful area that houses several rowing teams. At night the buildings are lit up and look great lining the highway and river. I'm hoping that they'll look even more festive for the upcoming holiday season. I love holiday lights!

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