Friday, March 19, 2010

Flying Trapeze Lessons

Yes, you read that right - I took flying trapeze lessons this week. I think I might quit med school and join the circus because I had so much fun! My friend from Baltimore invited me join her as she took a class before and had fun. I took her up on the opportunity and drove down to Baltimore and then she drove us to DC to the Trapeze School.

As a side note, this is another thing I love about Philly...its location! It's so close to so many other great East Coast cities. I am frequently able to take day and weekend trips to NYC, Baltimore, and DC. It's also close to the beach (Jersey) and mountains (Poconos) although I haven't traveled there yet. I couldn't ask for a better city in such a central location.

Ok back to the trapeze lessons. The lesson was 2 hours long and there were 3 other people in our class. The 3 other people were basically regulars and have been taking lessons for a few months. Everything is personalized and they give you safety tips and then basically send you to fly. Since we were in a small class my friend and I got to fly over and over and over and over again. It was so exhilarating! It was definitely a workout as my body was pretty tired at the end of 2 hours and I woke up this morning sore all over, but it was definitely worth it.

The 1st trick they help you learn is the knee hang. My 1st time I couldn't quite get it, but that's because I have short arms. They showed me an alternate way to hang and after that I got the hang of it. I was flying through the air, hanging from my knees and then dismounting by doing a back flip. Did I mention I had so much fun!

So if you're advanced enough, at the end they give you a chance to be caught by one of the staff members. There is a lot to think about and you have to have perfect timing but I went for it. Unfortunately, due to my height she was unable to catch me. We were literally about 2 inches from making the catch, but oh well maybe next time. They have a school in New York that I want to also visit.

Thank you to my friend for taking so many great pictures of me flying through the air!

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