Sunday, March 21, 2010

Misconduct Tavern

Spring is here! Although I've loved Philly since we've moved here, the warm weather makes me love the city even more. J and I decided to throw on some warm weather clothes (shorts and a skirt) and just walk around to enjoy the weather.

We eventually ventured down 15th Street and spotted a restaurant called Misconduct Tavern. It's located at 1511 Locust Street in the Center City area. Since it was so nice outside we waited about 10 minutes to have a table outside. The tavern isn't anything fancy, but a great place to grab a drink and some delicious bar food.

March madness is in full effect and they have plenty of specials during any of the games. They also had a nice tv set up outside that J made sure he was in full view of while we ate. Luckily he wasn't too engrossed in the game and we enjoyed good conversation in the wonderful weather.

I'm typically not a beer drinker and prefer liquor, but I thought I'd try something different. We were eating at a tavern, so why not? I guess I kind of cheated though because I ordered a cider beer. However, it was 22 ounces and it wasn't too sweet. It had a distinct beer flavor. J didn't think I would be able to drink it all, but I proved him wrong and finished the entire thing alone. I would definitely order Doc's Draft again.

J and I had a late lunch so we decided to order 2 items off of the small bites portion of the menu instead of 2 entrees. The menu had a lot of choices and J and I sometimes have a hard time finding 2 items we both agree on. We ended up deciding on chicken tenders (how can you go wrong with chicken?) and macaroni and cheese. The macaroni and cheese had 2 types of cheese and we added lump crab meat. Once again how can you go wrong with crab meat and mac and cheese?

We were very happy with all of the food. The chicken was crunchy and juicy. Yeah it was just chicken strips, but they really were superb and I would go back for them. The mac and cheese was also a pleasant surprise, although J said it wasn't as good as my homemade baked mac and cheese. We decided that next time I make my mac and cheese I'm going to add crab meat, which was inspired by this meal.
So if you want a good selection of beer, delicious bar food and a place to enjoy the weather, Misconduct Tavern is definitely high on the list.

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