Saturday, April 24, 2010

Update on Us - Summer plans!

I've once again let too many weeks go by without blogging! However, I think I have a good excuse. Like always, we've been busy, but we've also cut back on our eating out around Philly. The reason: J and I both will be traveling internationally this summer! J will be teaching in South Africa and I will be providing medical care in Haiti. We are very excited and thankful for these opportunities. So we now have our summer plans finalized, which means we have been trying to save our pennies until then; hence not much eating out. However, we've found some inexpensive things to do around the city, so I'll blog about them in the near future.

Until then,  since J has been much better about blogging and has created his own blog to document his journey to South Africa, you can check his out :) 

So I've almost completed my 1st year of medical school...time really flies. We have just started our renal/pulmonary block and after 3 more tests, I will be done for the entire summer! It has been a difficult year, but I have truly been happy and am loving Philly more than ever. Some days I still don't think it's hit me that in a little over 3 years I will be a doctor. Until then I'm just taking it day by day and taking in as much knowledge as I can. 

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  1. What an awesome experience you're both going to have! I am very proud of you for almost finishing your first year. So admirable. Yey A!!!