Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pleasantly Surprised

I head to Philadelphia in 2 weeks to train for a short term summer job I'm taking on. J will follow a week later. So we decided to make the most of our time left in Richmond to go to some restaurants that we enjoy. First on the list was Bottoms Up Pizza. It's located in Shockoe Bottom, which has a lot of restaurants and bars that we have enjoyed over the past few years.
Who would've thought that a pizza place would have such great salads, but each time I go I can't pass up their fresh veggies. J and I both got one...both minus the tomatoes.

On to their signature pizzas. J ordered the Barbeque Chicken Pizza with homemade BBQ sauce, sweet onions and chicken.
How can you go wrong with a pizza with fresh crab meat on it? I ordered the Remocaldo Renegade with broccoli, spinach, artichoke hearts and crab meat.
After lunch we couldn't pass up enjoying the wonderful weather and decided to be spontaneous. After living in Richmond for 2 years (me)and 4 years (J), neither of us had been down to the river that we hear so many Richmonders talk about. We didn't know exactly where we were going, but we parked and eventually made our way to Belle Isle. We were pleasantly surprised with what we discovered.
The pedestrian bridge that we walked over to make it to Belle Isle/the river.

I don't think this picture does this dog justice...he was HUGE. Friendly, yet huge. The owners said he was a 2 year old English Mastiff.
We were once again pleasantly surprised when we saw the ice cream man near the parking lot on our way back to our car. We relived one of our first dates over 5 years ago, when we went to the dining hall on campus and then walked around campus with ice cream cones.

We vow that we won't wait several years to experience some of the great things that Philly has to offer. June 20th is only 20 days away!

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