Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Celebrity Sighting

J and I decided to pick up some produce and seafood at the Market today. I'll write more about Reading Terminal in another post, but today's post is dedicated to our first celebrity sighting in our neighborhood! He's not an A list celebrity, more like D list, but it was still pretty cool.

While walking around we ran into an episode of Man vs. Food being taped. I've only seen a couple of episodes (my parents turned me on to the show), but who doesn't love a show dedicated to food. Basically Adam Richman travels around the country and tries to eat incredible amounts of food. He attempts to eats pounds and pounds and pounds of food. Sometimes he succeeds and sometimes he doesn't.
The episode was being filmed at one of the Amish merchants, Miller's Twist, which specializes in soft pretzels. We watched Adam attempt to roll his own pretzel. I wonder what challenge he will be working on next?

Unfortunately, as I began to take out my camera (which I now take with me everywhere), a man standing next to Adam jumped out and put his hand over my camera. At least I tried!

Apparently someone was able to take a picture of an episode being filmed, as I found this picture on someone else's blog.

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