Thursday, October 8, 2009

9,125 days

9,125 days...that's how long I've been alive, as I celebrated my birthday this week :) I must say it was probably one of my most memorable birthdays. It was simple, yet so special. J woke me up and asked if I wanted him to make me breakfast. I said no, that's ok, go back to sleep since you had a long day (mind you it was 5 am). He said, well too bad, I already made it. I was so surprised! I go downstairs and find the whole apartment has been decorated...he has never done that before! It was so nice.

My presents were nicely displayed. My parents had secretly left their gifts at the house over the weekend when they were here celebrating my white coat ceremony. It was nice to have some pretty presents to open that morning.

So surprise #2 - my friends from school baked me brownies and took me out for lunch! I didn't have my camera at school, so this is just what remains of the brownies after we attacked them :) Although we're only in our 8th week of school, I've already made some great friends....who know I love chocolate. The brownies were much needed after spending a few hours in the cadaver lab.

Surprise # 3 - When I got home J had more surprises in store. He made cosmos that were delicious and there were cupcakes waiting for me. I had heard about the Brown Betty Dessert Boutique, but hadn't had the chance to make it there. The wait was definitely worth it as the cupcakes were yummy. J picked out 2 chocolate ones (of course!), vanilla and red velvet.

Surprise #4 - We went out to dinner! J had done some research and since we love seafood he made reservations at Sotto Varalli. They had a good selection of food on their menu and I definitely want to go back to try something different.

I wasn't planning on getting a drink, but once the waiter mentioned a drink special with peach infused vodka with a splash of champagne I couldn't resist. I'm glad I splurged.

We started out with calamari as an appetizer. We should probably branch out and get something new as this is usually what we ordered, but I'm glad we got it here because it was nice and light.

J ordered seafood Risotto. It included lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops, clams and mussels. I couldn't resist having a bite and was in love!

I kind of went the same route as J and ordered Cioppino. It was full of seafood as well, in a tomato, herb and garlic broth, over linguine. Although we like to try new restaurants I definitely want to come back here and try something new.

And last but not least, my birthday was even more wonderful because I didn't do 1 minute of studying :) I'm thankful for another year and now I'm planning for J's birthday next month...I'm not sure if it can top my day though!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday A! Looks like you had a great time celebrating.