Sunday, October 3, 2010


J had a very long day at work and I didn't feel like cooking, so we were spontaneous and decided to check out Tequilas Restaurant. A few months ago we were eating at Misconduct Tavern and looked over and saw a man serving flights of tequila on his head. We knew we had to check it out sometime. It is located right in Center City at 15th and Locust St., near the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood.
Although Tequilas has an extensive drink menu, we decided we both just wanted a classic, well made margarita.
We were contemplating ordering an appetizer, but house made tortilla chips with salsa verde, mild salsa and a variety of peppers arrived, so we quickly settled for those. The salsa was flavorful and fresh. The tortilla chips were a little thicker than I like them, but they were warm and crispy so that didn't stop me from piling the salsa on them.
As a seafood lover I couldn't pass up the Enchiladas Playa. They were freshly made flour tortillas filled with shrimp and crabmeat. It was served with a sauce made of creamy poblano and chiptole peppers. On the side was rice and strips of vegetables. I would definitely order this meal again as it was filling, but not too heavy and was plentiful with the shrimp and crabmeat.
J ordered the Molcajete de Pollo. The server suggested this meal when J mentioned that he was very hungry because he hadn't eaten lunch. The meal was chicken breast served in a lava rock bowl that is heated in the oven. The chicken is topped with a spicy salsa that has chile de arbol. It is served with warm flour tortillas so J was able to make tortillas. It also was accompanied by guacomole, beans and rice. I'm a wimp and not a fan or spicy food, so I didn't try the main dish, but J said it was very good and he ate the entire thing. I did eat most of his guacomole though and it very creamy and fresh. I wish I could've had more of that guacomole.
I wish I could've gotten more pictures of the decor, but it was dark and my camera was dying. It was a very interesting mix between rustic, quirky and festive. Not quite like any other Mexican restaurants I've visited.

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